Saturday, 6 March 2010

All in a day's work

What a nightmare. Awful 80's quality printing of a great story.
Borderline un salvagable.

Can but try.

Halfway there.




Duncan Fegredo said...

Good work that man!

Seriously Billy, it looks great!

Will Shyne said...

Started with the pig of the bunch.
The only way is up from here!

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Reckon that is the best way to start.
This works for me - HUGE improvement!
Love how you put the blacks back in whilst preserving the paper grain. And those colours desperately needed turning down. But then, it was the 80's...

Anonymous said...

Where's this art it a Charlton comic.

You did a great job...this is turning into a visual C.V and someone ought to snap you up.


Will Shyne said...

This is from Charlton "My Only Love", uncredited but undoubted!
If you squint it's pretty and it definitely looks prettier than before but what an awful print job.