Sunday, 21 February 2010

Two More

Splash from a great Robert Kanigher story...

Had to get rid of the clutter on the original published version of this even though there're probably lines missing.
Most unecessary blurb I've ever seen. As if someone would see that on the fence "should I, shouldn't I" and then realise "Oh my God "Thrilling Adventure Stories", "Final Three Stories", now I've gotta have it".


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder just WHO was the Art Editor that allowed them to clutter it up so bad.... (Hope this isn't one of those...."Well actually Toth did it" foot in mouth situations.


Kanigher page is yummy

Will Shyne said...

I would say if a cover that fantastic come under your nose, you'd find a way to, at least, get the image as an inset and put all the crap into a margin/frame.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Yeah, why would you mess with such a strong composition?!!! The design of this piece is tight that I refuse to believe that Toth was behind the clutter. That means he probably was.
Good work, Billy!

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

By the way, I think you did right not to try and guess where any of the creases might have led to. It doesn't look especially weird or anything.