Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Talk about your limited interest blog! This post is of interest to those who know me and or my sister. To be honest I imagine that's everyone reading (both of you!).

I believe an older sibling is there to be learned from. Kerry taught me my first (but not last) lesson in rejection. Seven years older than me, picking me up from primary school while full of contempt, I thrilled her with tales of my day but was left curious as she walked twice as fast as me, muttering all the while. While "looking after" me one evening, she dyed my Heinz spaghetti green and wouldn't let me go out to play until I finished it. You have to remember that tinned spaghetti has these foul looking lumps in it when they're red. Green, it just looks like an old man's had his morning cough into your food. The same day, however, she cut her hand open on a tin of pineapple (not for me), bled in it and had to have stitches...my first lesson in karma! (my step brother David ate the bloodied pineapple! Ha!)
It was when my first niece was born that bridges were built. We grew together through babysitting and have been close ever since.
I recommend having an older sister to anyone who has a choice. Mine is a wonder woman. You wonder how she can be so much younger than her years after bringing up such HORRIBLE kids largely on her own and making a huge success of herself all the while. You also wonder when she'll stop looking younger than you and grow old gracefully.
Happy Birthday Kerry Love Billy x

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Dad's Armory

Undercover, embedded in concrete, along the streets of Florence they've waited, Mussolini's Secret Robot Army. Spotted by our excitable newshound, these poor old S.O.D.s (Strategically Outside Doors) were more than willing to chat.
"Sometimes when they lean in all close, like,...you just wanna bite their fuggin' faces off" tells us semi retired Alberto Marscapone. "When you've been waiting on the call to arms for sisty years and all you get is 'il bloody postini'...oooh...I tell ya! And he always rings twice".
When Alberto's questioned on how he looks back at his life, we see a philosophical side of the six eyed killing machine. "I've seen 'em come, I've seen 'em go...I've seen 'em come back again, but I'm still here..."
Regrets, just one "Six eyes and a penchant for death and ol' Geppetto stuck me with a brass mustache!"
Ciao, Alberto. Don't let 'em get you down!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Well Come, Well Come

This is my blog, I'm a member of that elite crowd of people that know a bit more about computers than those who simply have emails and that means I can put my opinions up for the world to see. I can invite ridicule and throw my virtual hat into the virtual arena from on top of my virtual soap box, make mistakes in the MOST public of forums and upset strangers.
I'll be updating as much as possible, as often as I've something to say.
I'll be talking comics really old, old and new, films and music that pique my interest and maybe a bit of my view from Spain.

The above is a doodle from a year and a bit back. I don't like that the people in cities get more and more isolated, plugging themselves into whatever will have them, to avoid human contact. It's like a form of contraception. Unfortunately I'm getting to be part of the MP3 and a free newspaper crowd too... : (