Sunday, 12 April 2009


Hi there! Been way too long since my last post. Good reason though as we've been in the process of moving for the last six weeks. Constant and exhausting but we're at the end of it now. We're in a fanTAStic flat which has daylight and everything!
What I thought was going to be a spare room has in fact evolved into 'my' room full of comics and basically my stuff!!!!
Above is the view from the balcony and photos of the room follow, including the bookshelve for library voyeurs like me. But first a wedding present from the increasingly fantastic Duncan Fegredo:

The following is a turn around of the room!

...and a close up on the Toppi shelf!!!

IDW are publishing one of their little swallow books of Toppi in June:

This'll be the first full publication of a Toppi book outside Europe. I'm hoping this means IDW are planning to do something with the rest of the Toppi back catalogue. Fingers crossed.
Done all sorts since I last posted of course, read some great comics, read some ok ones, saw Watchmen but more on all this later.


David N said...

Unsurprisingly, we like a lot of the same stuff.

And you have a Storm Shadow figure on one shelf.


Never read any Toppi. I have problems with untranslated Comics and my spanish is muy terrible. Recommendations?

Will Shyne said...

Went back and got the GI Joe figures I was genuinely nostalgic for. While the original Stormshadow costume is better, the figure was crap and the new one was a great figure AND a decent costume, so there you go. You can't make out that the original Snake-Eyes is there too : )

The Toppi thing is bad news. Basically, I've read very little too. All of mine is in French or Italian.
There are now two books in Spanish but I have have 'em in Italian.From Mosquito ( in French, "Soudards et Belles Garces" and "Bab el Ahlam, 1932" are Beautiful 'art of' books which show his range. BSE has one of them. That Swallow will be as good a place to start as any. For my part, I loved it enough to go mental for his work and snap it up all over Europe.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

This does bode well!!!! I am loving IDW at the moment with what they are repackaging! Scorchy Smith book was great, can't wait for the Rip Kirby, and if this is leading to Toppi in the Universal language, then woohooo!

Shame the Sparrow books are so small.

Love Billy's den! Especially the Wildcats cupboard. What sordid activities will come to pass in there I wonder?

By the way, what is it with the Spanish obsession with low light switches. Not so bad for me when I was there, but you must be developing a hunch!

George said...

A tiny bit more Toppi

Will Shyne said...

Is that blog no longer going?
The Toppi Sparrow has been delayed it would appear.
How long can it take to reformat existing work : S