Tuesday, 21 August 2007

No New News Is Bad News

So my next post will be the first of, if not many, then various 'Love Letters to Whoever or Whatever in The Woild'. The idea is that I'll try to focus my enthusiasm and passion for something into something, hopefully interesting to them what care and very hopefully interesting to them that don't.
It'll come soon (very) but I'm hoping to write in a 'non-ranty' way about things that I can generally only rant about.
In the meantime, here's an illustration I did for a competition I didn't win. To give an idea, they'd've reproduced it as big as a house. Would've been nice to see : (


Beezer B said...

I love that picture you did. It really should have won. Michael Golden shells Donut Plains.

Will Shyne said...

Really would have been nice to see. You've just given me the feeling to play Mario (or Golden Eye). Bring on Mario Galaxy!!!!!!!!

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

"Whup, whup, whup, whup, whup, whup...
This is the end...,
my only friend, the end..."

Michael Golden's Eye meets Mario. There's a game i'd like to play. Probably what Vietnam was like for a lot of those American soldiers.

Will Shyne said...

Ha. Running around whacking dirty goombas and taking mushrooms.